Hoi An Weather & Temperature in August: Best Things to Do

Are you having a plan to visit Hoi An in Vietnam? And you are wondering if August is a good time to visit this peaceful city. This article will give you useful information about Hoi An weather in August: Hoi An Weather & Temperature in August: Best Things to Do. Hope it is helpful!

Hoi An weather in August overview

Hoi An weather in August wears a deep sad shirt because the rains suddenly come and go, like unfinished love stories of girls and boys. In this month, the town temperature starts to decrease, rainfall starts to rise. Farewell to the days of sea travel, eco-tourism area, please choose to the space of temples and churches to be quiet in the sacred space of beliefs, religions or come to different types of services inside the ancient town.

Temperature: The average minimum temperature in Hoian in August is 25°C, and the average maximum temperature lies around 35°C. The average temperature of this month is 30°C.

Rainfall: The amount of rain in August is high with an average of 104mm. It is raining for 23 days in August.

Sunshine: It has 220 hours of sun.

Daylight: The average length of the day in Hoian is 13 hours

Sea temperature: The average sea temperature is about 30°C.

Humidity: The humidity is 66%


Pros: August brings a poetic and romantic beauty suitable for those who want to explore the old town in a special way. The rainy season makes this place quiet, gentle, and you will feel very comfortable, visiting Hoian this time. Travelling in August, you can save a lot of money because the price for flight tickets and hotels can be reduced or a series of attractive promotions are available.

Cons: August is the beginning of the rainy season in Hoian, and the rain can be very heavy throughout the day. After the rain is over, the streets are flooded, wet. You can feel uncomfortable in Hoian this time. Moreover, some shops are closed after the rain and you will miss the chance to eat some delicious food. Traditional games like Bai Choi, Bit Mat Bat De will be cancelled as well.

Things to do in Hoi An in August

August is in the rainy season in Hoian, so you may encounter sudden rains coming to Hoi An ancient town this month. Instead of choosing outdoor activities, or beach relaxing, indoor activities and cultural and historical buildings should be your first choices.

Hoi An Ancient town

Visit art galleries or museums in Hoi An

When it rains, of course, indoor attractions will be a top priority. In Hoian, there are many art galleries or museums scattered throughout the old town. If you are an art and history lover, you can spend the whole day here looking at beautiful paintings or learning about history. Art galleries in Hoian Ancient Town display beautiful paintings and photographs by notable artists across Vietnam. The paintings and photographs often reflect both traditional and modern life in Vietnam, from nature to people and costumes… Famous galleries in Hoi An include Phu Tam Photography, Art House Vietnam Gallery, T&G Art Gallery, Ami Galerie, Ngan Xua Art Gallery, etc.

If you are a history fan, museums such as Hoi An Ceramics Museum, Hoi An Museum of History & Culture, Sa Huynh Culture Museum in Hoi An, etc. are also great places to visit in the old town in August.


Enjoy coffee from above

When the rain comes and it hinders your sightseeing plans, find a café or bar and spend a few hours here. There are plenty of coffee shops overlooking the town, where you can enjoy the local and western foods. The Chef and FaiFo are the two café in Hoian which are on the 2nd floor, providing the best view of Hoian from the above. These two cafes are located on the main street of Tran Phu. Whether in the early morning or at sunset, you will have a beautiful and panorama view of Hoian town.

Enjoy coffee from above

Tips for travelling Hoi An in August

August is the beginning of the rainy season in Hoi An, so it does not rain heavily, there is still sunshine in the daytime. The temperature is not too high, making this time is great to travel. However, the price decreases. This month becomes of one the best month to visit Hoian in terms of weather and service price.

If you still decide to go to Hoi An in the rainy season, you should prepare some of the following items: Raincoat, umbrella,  waterproof bags for phone, shoes, warm clothes, scarves.

Above is some information about Hoian weather in August and some interesting activities so you can participate when travelling here. Hopefully, it is useful information for you and has a great time in this city.

Jenny Tran

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